Tap & Edit offers quick, gesture-based document editing

Tap & Edit is a new app that lets you create and edit documents, letting you format them with gestures. It provides a number of templates to use, which you can customize as you wish. Creating a document is as simple as tapping New Document in the sidebar. Tap & Edit has a text formatting bar above the keyboard that can select header levels, add a list, insert an image and choose the font.

But the real power of Tap & Edit comes through in the editing gestures. You use gestures for document formatting and layout. A long tap with two fingers will select a block of text. Pressing with two fingers will allow you to move a block. Swiping left or right with two fingers will change the justification, and Double tapping with one finger selects a single line of text. Pinching will increase or decrease the size of a block, and you can also rotate a block with two fingers.

There are several sharing options with Tap & Edit as well. You can share your documents over Wi-Fi with other Tap & Edit users, or send them over email. The app also supports printing. An in-app purchase of $3.99 will upgrade you to the Pro version, which adds document sharing over Wi-Fi with other iOS devices, Dropbox support for document backup and sharing, and sending email documents in HTML or Adobe PDF.

Tap & Edit is a free, universal app, available now on the App Store.

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