TapSense walks back certain features of Apple Watch ad platform

We reported yesterday that the ad exchange TapSense had announced an ad platform for the upcoming Apple Watch. As it turns out, the company later updated its blog post to acknowledge that its plans to integrate with Apple Pay won't actually work. From TapSense:

Update, Jan 5th, 2015 22:03 PST - Both Apple's WatchKit SDK and the TapSense SDK are in Beta and APIs are subject to change. As and when Apple makes the WatchKit guidelines available, we will review it carefully to ensure our SDK is both in compliance and approved by Apple. Couple clarifications and corrections:

  • We're announcing a programmatic platform which will allow you to have your ads displayed on Apple Watch The post inaccurately mentions support for watch faces.
  • Currently, the WatchKit SDK doesn't provide developer access to watch faces.
  • Although Apple Pay integration with Apple Watch is a great convenience for the consumer, the TapSense SDK will not integrate directly with Apple Pay. To redeem a coupon from an ad, it would need to have a readable barcode that can be scanned at the point of sale, or the ad could be added to Passbook and then delivered to Apple Watch to be redeemed.

Essentially, TapSense is saying that its SDK won't allow for deep integration with Apple Pay for redeemable coupons, as implied in its original blog post.

Source: TapSense