Task manager 2Do updates with new design, extension support, and more

Task manager 2Do has received a massive update, adding compatibility with iOS 7 and iOS 8, along with several major new features. 2Do for iPhone and iPad now features a new look, extandable lists, a new Inbox geared towards GTD lovers, extension support, and more.

There are several important new features in this update. This includes support for extensions in iOS 8. You can add text from other apps to 2Do using the standard iOS share sheet, and tags can also be added when using the extension. Calendar events can also be managed directly from 2Do on the iPad, without the need to open a separate calendar app.

Adding tasks is now easier and quicker. The new Quick Add feature lets you tap and hold the '+' button to add one task after another, and includes date shortcuts. The Edit and New Task screens are now faster and more responsive.

There are other smaller, but still important changes. If you want to share your tasks with other 2Do users, you can now do so either through email or AirDrop. If someone shares that task back with you, your copy will be automatically updated. The new pinch zooming feature lets you zoom in and out of your tasks by pinching the screen. iPad users with external keyboards can now take advantage of keyboard shortcuts.

Developer Guided Ways Technologies says that 2Do 3.0 and 3.1 have over 200 new features. You can download 2Do for the iPhone and iPad from the App Store right now.

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