Keep a task lists in style with HQ: To Do for iPhone

What it lacks in depth or features, HQ: To Do makes up for in speed, style, and simplicity. For those interested in getting things done, it's a good place to start.

HQ: To Do for iPhone is for those who need more than Apple's built-in Reminders app, but not anything as complex or costly as some of the full on GTD (Getting Things Done) or power-user productivity apps available in the App Store. Part of the new generation of big, bold, user experiences, HQ: To Do does a good job of making sure most of what you need is always right under-thumb, and available, with a couple taps or swipes. And it looks great doing it.

Creating projects and lists in HQ: To Do is very easy and fast because the UI isn't cluttered with an overflow of options. HQ: To Do also makes use of quick gestures like sliding over a project for easy access to checking it as done, deleting it, or making edits.

That makes HQ: To Do a good fit for everything from groceries to packing lists to daily to-dos. The touch targets are large, which makes the interface easy to use while out and about, and there are enough colors and contrasts to easily let your eye quickly find exactly what it's looking for.

It's also really easy to see which tasks are still pending, which tasks are done, and which are (long?) overdue. If you're action oriented, HQ: To Do makes it simple to know what's next. HQ: To Do also makes clever use of gestures so, once you've gotten familiar with it, getting around is as quick as a swipe and a flick. There are even "quick-swipe" filters to rapidly re-order and re-organize your projects.

Again, HQ: To Do isn't for the GDT or super-productivity crowds. If that's you, you'll be happier with Omnifocus, Appigo Todo, or Things. HQ: To Do, however, is a good way to get started.

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