Shake off that snub, iTunes: You're finally getting a little wonderland in the form of Taylor Swift's previously Target-exclusive bonus tracks.

When the pop icon first released last year's mega-hit 1989 last October, Swift partnered with Target in the U.S. to include a few exclusive bonus tracks and content — in hopes of encouraging fans to go and pick up a physical CD over digital track, no doubt. (Internationally, the tracks were made available online.) Now, Swift is changing her tune. Via 9to5 Mac:

This morning, Swift released the first bonus track, "Wonderland" on iTunes, with two more still to come. "You Are In Love" is the next bonus track on the album and was produced by Jack Antonoff of Bleachers and 'fun.' fame. The third bonus single still to come is entitled "New Romantics."

Coupled with some teasing from the Beats Twitter account, it seems as though Apple's music acquisition department is working double-time to make deals with some of the industry's hottest talent. The Swift bonus tracks are a U.S. coup, especially considering Swift's general distaste for the payment models from streaming and digital music services.

Each digital track is being released as a separate iTunes single, rather than as an add-on to 1989, so you'll have to pony up a little bit extra for each bonus song. (I will say, as someone who doesn't normally like pop music but loved 1989, "Wonderland" is more than worth it.)

Source: iTunes; Via: 9to5Mac

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