Taylor Swift reveals how her letter to Apple came about

Taylor Swift has revealed a little more about how her letter to Apple came about, and the company's reaction to it. In the September cover story for Vanity Fair, Swift talks about how nervous writing the letter made her, how she wrote it in the middle of the night, and what how she shared it with only one person before publishing: her mother.

Swift said she was surprised by Apple's reaction, almost immediately changing course on its terms for compensation during Apple Music's free trial:

From Vanity Fair:

Apple surprised Swift by almost immediately changing its plan not to compensate artists during the trial period of its new streaming service. Says Swift, "Apple treated me like I was a voice of a creative community that they actually cared about," she says. "And I found it really ironic that the multi-billion-dollar company reacted to criticism with humility, and the start-up with no cash flow reacted to criticism like a corporate machine."

The now-famous letter was written in regards to Apple's original plan not to compensate artists for their music during the free trial of Apple Music. Following the company's reversal of that policy, Swift announced that her entire catalog, including her latest album, 1989, would stream on Apple Music.

You can read the full interview with Swift at the link below.

Source: Vanity Fair