TeeVee 2 for iPhone can track your favorite shows and alert you when a new episode is airing

TeeVee 2 for iPhone not only gives you lots of information such as episode guides, summaries, and more about your favorite shows, it can actually alert you of an upcoming episode so you can make sure you never forget to watch it or set your DVR to record. Not only that, it's got a great interface that's easy to navigate through and add new shows.

The main menu of TeeVee 2 automatically organizes itself by what shows air next making it easy to pick out which ones are coming up and which ones are either on hiatus or not currently airing new episodes. Swiping to the right on a show will delete it from your list of watched programs while swiping right allows you to edit alerts and reminders for upcoming episodes.

Tapping on any episode inside TeeVee 2's main menu brings up information about that particular upcoming episode. The navigation on the bottom lets you view more info about the show as well as view cast and episode lists. TeeVee 2 also supports social features that let you easily share shows you're watching with both Twitter and Facebook.

If you're looking for something to help you better remember what shows are coming up and when they're airing, TeeVee 2 lets you do it with very little effort on your part. The alert feature goes off your current time zone so you can be sure you will never miss an episode of your favorite shows.

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