Our sibling site, Android Central, has posted up a story about TeleNav making a turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for Google's Android G1:

The TeleNav software will include full color 3D graphics, speech recognition, one-click rerouting, traffic alerts, weather updates, gas prices, and restaurant reviews.

Sure, it's not all roses. After a 30-day free trial, you need to fork over $9.99 a month, $99 a year, or $249 for four years to keep the service, but at least they have the option.

So what's happening with the iPhone app? We asked, and this was what we got in response:

We have to stay mum at this point on an iPhone app other than to say that we're working on it. Please stay tuned!

If it's hard to stay mum, imagine how hard it is to "stay tuned" after months and month (and months) of waiting.

Dieter mentions that Apple, flush with success battering around the music industry and Google, may not know how to zip their lip and make nice with the map licensors. Could that be the hold up?

We won't ask if you want turn-by-turn GPS navigation -- we know you do -- so we'll just tell Apple and TeleNav to suck it up and get this done (before more people jailbreak just for xGPS), and we'll leave the comments open for you to do likewise...