Take your iPhone and iPad gaming to the next level with the physical, flexible power of dual analog joysticks -- the Fling mini

As anyone who's spent any time gaming on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad knows, there's nothing worse than getting really into the action only to find your finger has drifted off the virtual controls just when it matters most.

And that's exactly the problem the Ten One Design Fling mini is here to solve. Made of anodized aluminum and tough, flexible engineering-grade resin, it's both durable and see-through so it doesn't break and doesn't completely obstruct your view of the iPhone or iPad screen.

Ten One Design Fling mini joysticks for iPhone and iPad review

They come two in a pack, so the Fling mini can work on dual joystick games like first person shooters or third person adventures alike. They attach with suction cups and they work remarkably well. Once they're in place, you no longer have to worry about looking down to position your fingers on the controls -- you just feel and play.

And that feeling is good. It's not overly squishy or overly stiff, it doesn't move too much or too little. There's just the right amount of give. The suction cups stay in place really well, though I did have to adjust them occasionally.

Because the iPad is bigger, I do prefer the Ten One Design Fling mini on that bigger screen.

The good

  • Provides excellent tactile gaming experience
  • High quality, durable design
  • Lets you win more faster!

The bad

  • Due to size difference, not quite as good on iPhone as iPad

The bottom line

I really like the Ten One Design Fling mini. I do like it better for iPad than iPhone, but on both devices it fixes the frustrating problem of losing touch with the controls right when gaming gets its most gritty.

The build quality is epic, the design is cool, the suction cups are stable, and most importantly, the Ten One Design Fling mini lets me win more faster. What more could a gamer want?