A recent survey by UK-based online casino, RoxyPalace, found that 11% of single men would prefer to have a new iPad rather than a new lover. In fact, 3% would even be willing to leave their current partner for the latest iOS tablet. Meanwhile, 84% of women said they would stick to their companion, and "only a small percentage" would be willing to trade them for a new iPad.  4% of respondents would make the trade for something other than an Apple tablet - sorry Android, iOS beats you on the seduction front. The survey also examined iPad usage when it comes to romance. 44% had used an app to solve relationship problems, 15% consulted the internet for advice, and 71% would prefer to call someone over FaceTime before going on a first date.

While I wouldn't exactly call a casino a steadfast source of empirical research, the results are still pretty interesting. It's a classic "what would you do for a Klondike bar?" situation, except this Klondike bar costs over $500, and satisfies a lot more than your sweet tooth. Then again, so does a loving (human) partner. While not many of us would be willing to admit to being that one in ten that would pick an iPad over a girlfriend, do you personally know someone who would make the trade?

Source: Macworld