An online media service called Texterity delivers mobile editions to popular print magazines right to your iPhone, via Safari. In a nutshell, what Texterity does is simply digitize each print magazine page, turning it into an image file that can then be displayed and viewed within Safari much like a photo. Just point your browser (from the iPhone) to http://iphone.texterity.com/magazines/. Tap on any magazine that you like and a fully illustrated thumbnail library appears, representing pages from the selected magazine. Using the "Pinch" gesture, allows you to zoom and drag any portion of the document, making it readable. Believe it or not this is a workable solution. I've tried it myself.

Unfortunately no adult content is available, sorry pervs. And what's worse Rachael Ray's "EveryDay" Magazine is among the top featured. Having to see RR on my TV is nauseating enough. On my iPhone the experience is even more hideous.