TextExpander will now suggest new snippets to you and lets you sync with iCloud Drive

TextExpander has become more versatile than ever with version 5.0, adding more options for syncing your snippets, including iCloud Drive. You'll also now receive snippet suggestions, based on phrases that you type consistently. For instance, while writing an article about TextExpander, you might get a notification that says "You've been typing 'TextExpander' a lot."

Check out the list below for the major new additions in TextExpander 5.0:

  • Suggests snippets from phrases you habitually type
  • Reminds you of missed opportunities to use your abbreviations
  • Customize snippet file location
  • Sync via iCloud Drive or any sync folder
  • Simplify expansion of lengthy fill-ins and scripts by setting single-line and popup fields to "Show at top" of expanding window
  • Search and expand snippets, abbreviations, and suggestions inline as you type
  • Preview expanded snippet
  • Refreshed statistics display, including new "Top snippets used in last month"
  • Supports JavaScript snippets that also operate on iOS, or JavaScript for Automation on Mac only

TextExpander is available for purchase directly from Smile Software. New customers can purchase the utility for $44.95, while existing users can take advantage of upgrade pricing. Customers who have purchased TextExpander since Jan. 1, 2015 are eligible to receive version 5.0 as a free upgrade, while those who purchased before that date will pay $19.95 for a single upgrade license.