Sal Soghoian is a legend in the Apple community. He has steadfastly dedicated much of his life to the improvement and promotion of scripting and automation technologies and, up until very recently, served as Apple's product manager for that group.

Mac OS X Automation:

Q. I hear you no longer work for Apple; is that true?

A. Correct. I joined Apple in January of 1997, almost twenty years ago, because of my profound belief that "the power of the computer should reside in the hands of the one using it." That credo remains my truth to this day. Recently, I was informed that my position as Product Manager of Automation Technologies was eliminated for business reasons. Consequently, I am no longer employed by Apple Inc. But, I still believe my credo to be as true today as ever.

Beyond his enormous technical skill and passion, Sal was an incredibly kind and gracious person. I only had the good fortune of meetings him a few times, but each was an absolute delight.

On behalf of everyone here, I wish him well in his future endeavors. We're profoundly lucky he seems to be maintaining his passion and willingness to share his skills beyond Apple.

Q. Are you still upbeat about the future of user automation?

A. Absolutely. The need for user automation is a constant. I've seen the benefits and power of individuals being able to automate critical and repetitive tasks. Solution apps are great, emojis are fun, but there's nothing like really great automation tools. I have faith in this community, and that makes me optimistic about what we can do together.

Cheers, Sal, and thank you!