In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday here the US, I will be posting content tomorrow and throughout the remainder of this week. How's that, you ask? Yes...well it seems the only free time I have for writing these days is when not working at my real job. The holiday provides the perfect opportunity to publish a backlog of content and reviews I've been hammering out. Plus it gives me something to do while digesting an explosive combination of Turkey and Aunt Clara's lethally over sweetened cranberry stuffing - killing two birds with one stone, if you'll excuse pun. So now you have something to cure both boredom and Turkey toxemia while visiting family and friends this week.

I'm still contemplating future plans for this site and whether or not to open it to volunteer contributions. Based on the email responses I've gotten most of you favor maintaining the status quo, but with me posting more content. I think you're all just trying to drive me insane...it's what I've suspected all along. To that end I plan on devoting more time to writing, and less time to work. Homelessness can't be that bad...can it? We'll see how this goes. Until then, have a wonderful holiday and be sure to check back here, in between second helpings of Mashed potatoes.