As Rene mentioned over the weekend, the iPhone 2G has just turned one year old, we here at TiPb look to the future, though, and the future looks great. Great enough that we're still planning on giving away an iPhone 3G to one lucky winner who's made at least 20 posts in our iPhone Forums. Grab the full contest details here. Even better - when you visit the forums from your iPhone you should see a big ol' "iPhone Version" that lets you interact with the forums via an iPhone interface. Don't like it? The option to switch back is on the bottom of the iPhone version. What are you waiting for? Go on and register, post, and possibly win!

Also notable, you can now get your iPhone Blog six ways from Sunday. Ok, just two ways. You can now just punch in into your browser to be brought to our main page. Easy, no? We're not bringing out an iPhone version of the blog proper just yet -- when we find / develop a verison that's both fast and usable enough you'll be the first to know.

Meanwhile, there's only a couple weeks left now in the iPhone Wait-a-Thon, wherein we give away an iTunes Gift card worth $100 to somebody who's commented on a Wait-a-Thon-tagged post (like, you know, this one). Details and rules here. Congrats to our latest winners, Tom, Mark, and Rafael. Your Gift Cards forthcoming just as soon as we convince Apple we're not trying to defraud them by buying too many gift cards.

So with just a couple weeks left, we gotta ask: What's your game plan for July 11th?. Rumor has it the launch will happen at 8 in the morning, so will you be camping out the night before? Sitting at home and pretending your iPhone 2G hasn't been replaced with newer, faster, better, more? Answer in the comments for a chance to win!