Originally taken as a simple iPhone multimedia remote for controlling your Sony Playstation 3, NetBlender has now open the doors to a full blown SDK! Not to be confused with Apple's iPhone SDK, the BD Touch SDK from NetBlender would not only allow for iPhone/iPod Touch control of a networked Blu-Ray player (a la PS3), but bi-drectional connectivity (in ur iPhone beaming digital copiez?), transfer of movie collection data, and the display of blu-ray "extras" directly on the iPhone, etc.

Denny Breitenfeld, CTO of NetBlender, tells Gizmodo:

It's a technology that is built into our professional Blu-Ray authoring tool that will allow studios, independent movie companies to enable BD Touch features. These features send data in two directions from the Disc to the Iphone and vice versa. Video, Audio, text, and player commands can be sent. So right now it seems everyone likes the "remote control" idea. However the player can control the IPhone as well. One idea is to automatically pull up IMBD of the movie you are watching right on your Iphone or send the movie information a movie database on your phone. The ideas are only limited to what people want and will use. We are releasing an SDK for the 100k Iphone developers out there so they can take advantage of BD Touch features to build applications that easily work with all kinds of titles.

Gizmodo further speculate that a system could be worked out where, upon hearing a particularly w1cked sound track on your blu-ray, you could buy it directly from the iPhone iTunes store similarly to how the Starbucks system works now.

I have both an iPhone and a PS3 (which uses a BT remote) and the idea of one less controller is compelling (now let me do that with iTunes, Apple TV, and Front Row, okay Apple?), as is wirelessly moving a "digital copy" from a BD disc to the iPhone (wireless iTunes sync would be nice too, okay Apple?), so I'm all for this. Heck, give us full-on PSP style remote-play, why don't you! (Oh, competitive advantage... dang...)

What do you think?