The response to our iPhone 3G givaway has been tremendous. We love all the new action in our forums and we fully expect it to continue after this week -- which is to say that The iPhone Blog adores you and will continue to treat you right, stay tuned for future contests in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the time has come to announce the winner of our contest as chosen randomly via It's iLoveiPhones! Check your inbox for an email from me and we'll set you up with the $400 Gift Card we promised so you can be all set for Friday. Happy? Happy! Joy? Joy!

The air of contest finality is thick and we're going to make it thicker still: this is our final Wait-a-Thon post: comment here for your last chance to win a $100 iTunes gift card. We'll be sending out the final gift cards tonight (yes, it's still tough what with Apple's limit to the # we can buy in a month, but we figured out a workaround).

So congratulate iLoveiPhones (a username so good it's gotta be kismet) and let us know: once the iPhone 3G is really and truly out, what sort of stuff do you want TiPb to cover in the coming weeks and months? Are apps king? Shall we pit the iPhone 3G against every other darn smartphone out there, one by one? Should we continue to bring you tips and tricks? What'll it be?

Update: Looks like we made somebody's day. :D

I'm never gonna forget this day. Thanks so much to everyone here at the iPhone forum and the staff at the iPhone Blog. Couldn't have done it without you guys. Being someone who's never won anything, this is quite a day!