From the expert theme designers of Xhd and iNSPIRED comes iNitsua Z Twilight HD for the iPhone 4. Zausser and K. Nitsua have created a breathtaking Retina quality theme that skins every UI element of the iPhone 4 from the keypad to the SMS messaging interface. This full featured theme is to be used on Jailbroken iPhones with the Winterboard app and comes with numerous weather widgets, animated lock screen themes, pin entry skins, and even comes with a non Retina port for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. iNitusa Z Twilight HD is available on Cydia for $2.99.

As with all of Zausser and K. Nitsua's themes, most of the fun is derived from customization. iNitsua Z Twilight HD comes with PSDs to easily customize different aspects of the theme and to make your own custom icons. There is already a large library of user made add on packs that allow you to change the color schemes, install different weather widgets and lock screens, iAccess keyboard skins, or add custom icon and SBSetting packs.

Check out the stunning pictures after the break but keep in mind that Retina quality themes look much better on a Retina display than on your computer screen. Excited about all the HD theme's coming to the iPhone 4? Questions about Winterboard and theme customization? Leave us a comment or visit our Jailbreak forums!

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