theScore is one of the finest sports news apps available for iOS 7, and today it's introducing a brand new feature called "Feed," designed to be your own, personalized, real-time sports news channel.

theScore’s customizable “My Score” section now includes “Feed” – a feature allowing users to create their own continuously updated stream of sports content, combining all the information on the leagues, teams and players the user is following in one place.

theScore’s deep player data coverage also makes Feed the perfect fantasy sports tracking tool, giving fans live updates on how their favorite players are performing in real-time.

For sports fanatics like myself, the promise of a continually updated stream is extremely enticing, particularly on busy English Premier League weekends. As more and more we turn to our mobile devices to keep us informed, real-time updates are an incredibly powerful thing to have at our fingertips.

The updates will continue to arrive in theScore's "mobile first" format, presented in easy to digest chunks of information that can be quickly glanced at and processed. Also new in this update are improvements to the "Top News" section, where it's now easier to filter out what you're looking for by league.

Initially the new Feed features are exclusive to iOS, but will also be arriving on Android sometime in the New Year. The latest update is live now in the App Store at the link below. So, sports fans, does this look like something that'll be able to give you your fix?

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