TouchID for Evernote

It's hard to keep track of what's coming from where with all of these apps getting updated for iOS 8, but we're starting to sort out which ones are getting which features. Here's a batch of the ones in the App Store that are using Touch ID. Be sure to read our deep dive into Touch ID in iOS 8 to see how the feature came to be. After that, start digging into the apps below, and drop us a line in the comments if you're spotting anything freshly updated with Touch ID features in the comments.

  • Mint - Use Touch ID to access your personal finances.
  • Simple - Get access to your banking information through Touch ID.
  • Day One - Today widget offers flashback to previous entries, Extensions allow for easy importing from other apps, and Touch ID enabled to unlock.
  • Evernote - Save notes with Notification Center widget, and clip content from all over with Extensions. Touch ID unlock for premium users.
  • LastPass - Safari extension for remembering passwords and Touch ID integration.
  • Amazon - Online shopping app adds Touch ID signin option
  • 1Password - Log into websites securely with a mere touch. Free for a limited time.

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