Pop quiz: You're not Mossberg, Pogue, or Baig and you don't work for anything like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, or USA Today, so you don't have a shiny new iPhone 3G to review, but you do have a couple minutes of web vid to fill, and a massive amount of iPhone hype to jack. What do you do?

If you're theStreet.com's Gary Krakow -- the genius who previously suggested that the iPhone should dump OS X and run Windows-fr33kin-Mobile -- then you pump yourself up as much as possible, and dump all over the BIG 3's reviews.

Got your yuck-brown highlighter ready? Good. Go through and strike out all the positive stuff, mumble quickly what's too important to strike out, and then harp ill-informedly about whatever tiny troubles you can find. Nothing Windows Mobile couldn't fix anyway, right?

Sure, there'll be a market for this type of flame-bait manipulation, lots of blog links (guilty as charged!) and fan boy fury, but is the loss of credibility really worth it Gar? And can't they at least find a "reporter" to interview you without questions so canned and leading that the simple math they run is the only thing that makes me believe they're not entirely animatronic?

Yeesh. When exactly did theStreet.com become roadkill?

Thanks to Joe (The Reptile) for the tip!