Speaking of rumors, here's another bit of tittle-tattle to roll your eyes at. A site called 9to5Mac - apparently the site shuts down after 5 and heads to the nearest bar - claims that Apple is currently working with developers to bring application support to iPhone, available through iTunes. Sound plausible? Yes, it does. But then again, that was almost a given from the beginning, so it takes little creative imagination to fabricate such rumors.

Application support is coming, folks. We know that. Apple is presenting the evidence at our very feet with the release of firmware update 1.1.1, which now employs digital signature encryption for any executing code. A security measure that lays the groundwork for application deployment. The only question is how liberal and open Apple will be with platform development. It's a given that iTunes will be the distribution channel for iPhone software, just as it is now for iPod games. But will Apple allow anyone to write code for iPhone? Or will it be an exclusive members only club? We'll have to wait and see.