You're getting an Apple Watch, so you want to know what apps you'll be able to get on it, right? Apple has you covered with Watchkit, the developer tools that will enable third-parties to create applications specially for your new wrist-borne gadgetry. We got a couple of demos on stage, but it's what the developer community could do that's most exciting.

It allows you to create rich, actionable notifications for the watch as well as full applications. Apple showed off a few pretty awesome looking examples on stage:

  • Twitter notifications with favorite/retweet/dismiss buttons
  • The Twitter app: allowing you to read your timeline, see what's trending, dictate a tweet
  • An American Airlines app to check in to and track your flights
  • Starwood hotels app to check in and unlock the door to your hotel room with the watch, available at all W hotels by Spring
  • Pinterest offering up nearby sites
  • BMW app to see the charge level of your i3 electric car, where you parked it and how you find your way back there.

There's a whole new world of possibilities being opened up to iOS developers with Apple Watch when it launches in 2015 and it's going to be fantastic to see what developers can come up with.