Huge news this morning from Three UK, with the announcement of a raft of expansions to its roaming abolishing 'Feel at Home' program which now includes the United States. That means that Three customers heading Stateside can roam freely at no extra charge using their own UK allowance of calls, texts and data so keeping connected with home won't cost a penny extra.

Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Macau are also joining the program, which now makes U.S. roaming cheaper than going to most European countries at this point. When you land in the the States or any of the included countries, your phone will connect to a local network and you can just use your phone without having to worry about a massive bill. Calls to non-UK numbers are still charged at regular rates however, as are texts, but it won't cost anything extra to contact folks back home.

All pay-as-you-go, contract, business and mobile broadband customers are included so long as international roaming is activated on their accounts. Three is the first carrier in the UK to offer something like this to include the United States, where traditionally roaming packages are expensive and less than ample in what they actually offer.

So, this is a huge deal. As a Three customer myself with a U.S. trip looming this couldn't have come at a better time. Find out more at the source link below, but with this and the impending LTE launch, has there been a better time to be a Three customer?

Source: Three