Sure, die hard Windows pundit Paul Thurrott has already stepped out of the iPhone closet, skewering Windows Mobile both in his blog and in a (cold medicine induced?) tirade during the Windows Weekly podcast on the TWiT network.

Now, in response to to the CTIA Conference's official announcement of Windows Mobile 6.1, Thurrott once again gives anything but his usual spin:

Microsoft's response to [the iPhone] threat has been abysmal. On the other hand, at least the company is responding. In the year since Apple first announced the iPhone, there's been a sudden flurry of activity in the Windows Mobile world as Microsoft scrambles to embrace iPhone-like UIs and technologies in its own products. But Windows Mobile is hobbled by a number of factors, not the least of which is the gap between the software itself and the broken ecosystem (especially in the US) that is responsible for incorporating that software into devices and selling them to end users. The smart phone market isn't like the PC market, and Microsoft can't easily offer updates to existing Windows Mobile customers. Sometimes it can't do so at all.

And, bringing to mind George Wallace's comedy classic, "You know a better time to kick a man?", Thurrott jumps on the downed OS maker thusly:

Lost amid all this, I think, is another indication of Microsoft's inability to compete effectively in this market. They're creating deceptive advertisements that make Windows Mobile look better than it really is. Here are two example "screenshots" of Windows Mobile 6, taken from the Microsoft Web site. See if you can spot the problem: [...] If you guessed, Windows Mobile doesn't actually look anything like that, then you guessed correctly.

(Be sure to check out Thurrott's complete post for the screenshots.)

How far behind the curve is Microsoft in the mobile OS space? Can they catch up to the iPhone? Are they even trying? What do you think?