Tilt your way through a magical forest in Poppets

Poppets is a new tilt game from Lisa Bettany, co-founder of popular photo app Camera+. Poppets takes you through a number of forest locals, as your character floats through them with balloons. The game has a unique art style, with your characters taking the form of little animated puppet animals.

To move through the levels, tilt your phone. Steer your character towards the hearts, which will keep your three balloons full. Be careful of obstacles, which will pop a balloon each time your run into one. You have a limited number of attempts before you either exit to the map and start the level over again, or you can purchase more with acorns.

Acorns are the in-game currency for Poppets, and are earned by completing levels. The better you are, the more acorns you get. You can also purchase acorns from the in-game store. You can purchase 500 for $0.99, 2,500 for $2.99, and 5,000 for $4.99. Use acorns to purchase more balloons, as well as other characters.

Poppets is available for purchase for iPhone in the App Store now.

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