Tim Cook addresses rumors about Apple cutting orders, tells to Wall Street to smarten the hell up

While not specifically calling out the Wall Street Journal and Reuters for the lousy jobs they did reporting on supposed iPhone display order cuts and iPad display production halts respectively, Tim Cook went out of his way during Apple's Q1 2013 conference call to address supply-chain stories in general.

Cook said he'd spend his life addressing rumors if he got into the particulars but advised that it would behoove people (perhaps journalists and investors alike?) to question the accuracy of any rumors about order cuts. Cook also said that, even assuming any data point was factual, it would be impossible to extrapolate anything meaningful about Apple's overall business. He cited variances in yield rates, suppliers, and said there was a long enough list that any single data point wouldn't make a great proxy for what's going on with iPhone or iPad demand.

Seeing as how Apple's stock took a pounding following the publication of those stories, perhaps the one on the Wall Street Journal's masthead most of all, perhaps explains Cook's eagerness to address the phenomena -- something he has not typically done in the past.

Going forward, Cook didn't single out any specific component shortages, but did say the iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and iMac were still constrained, but that everything with the possible exception of the iMac should reach balance in the near future.

Here's hoping Apple financial coverage does the same.