Apple CEO Tim Cook and chief design officer Jony Ive have both been selected for The Drive's list of 10 most influential people in automotive technology (via MacRumors). Interestingly, while the Apple Car remains a rumor at this point in time, both executives from Apple have landed themselves on the same list as Tesla's Elon Musk.

tim Cook

While the individuals and their company have yet to be responsible for a road-worthy vehicle, it appears as though the listing is due to the Apple Watch integrating with current automobiles. Jony Ive managed to reach 6th place. From The Drive:

"With smartphones having displaced wristwatches for many, a late-model iPhone is the best-designed thing they own. Ive's work—via Apple's blockbuster conferences, whose videos he narrates—introduced words like "chamfered," "beveled," and "anodized" to a general American lexicon. Moreover, its cleanliness and iconoclasm—well illustrated in this scene from Legally Blonde—leads the tech pack. The best car interiors reflect that aesthetic beautifully."

Three places up and you'll find the listing for Tim Cook, who as praised for leading Apple with products like Carplay and the Watch. Rumors of the electric vehicle from Apple were also taking into account. Elon Musk took second position, missing out the top spot to John Krafcik at Google for the company's automated vehicles.