Tim Cook and Jony Ive talk Campus 2, the Apple Watch, and fashion

In a new interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Chief Design Office Jony Ive spoke a bit about Apple's new headquarters building, known as Campus 2, which is supposed to be completed later this year. In particular, Cook focused on the green space of the campus, which, in addition to the circular main building, will features a large amount of green space.

From Vogue:

"Hard to know which is more beautiful, the building or that pile of dirt," says Apple CEO Tim Cook with a wide smile on a recent morning, as he stands among the construction crew in their acid-yellow vests and gazes at the tall mountain of soil, its stepped surfaces painted a dark gold by the sun. Not a speck of dirt is to be removed from the campus; instead it will nourish a forest of more than 7,000 trees, which in turn will nourish a village of some 13,000 techies tinkering in silicon.

Jony Ive, on the other hand, discussed Apple's ever-increasing involvement in the world of fashion. The way Ive sees it, technology has advanced to the point where computing can truly be personal, something Apple has been striving for since its inception.

"Nine years ago, the iPhone didn't exist, and the most personal product we had was too big to carry around with you," he explains. "The technology is at last starting to enable something that was the dream of the company from the very beginning—to make technology personal. So personal that you can wear it."

You can read the entire interview with Cook and Ive over at Vogue.

Source: Vogue