Tim Cook announces changes to Apple's Chinese warranty policy

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced changes to Apple’s warranty policy in China, along with apologizing to Chinese customers for any confusion with the original policy. In a letter on Apple’s Chinese website, Cook announced that going forward, Apple would provide more warranty information and train staff members based in China better. Cook also promised changes to the repair policy for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, with those customers under a one-year warranty able to receive a replacement device rather than their old device with new parts, if their device meets the criteria:

Consumer iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider has been part of the re-assembly kit maintenance, we will replace them as whole and for maintenance after the iPhone recalculated from the date of repair year warranty. Apple’s warranty system has been updated for the information and, therefore, affected consumers do not need to take any additional action.

Apple has faced significant criticism in the Chinese press lately for its previous policy. It had been reported that Chinese customers were given phones with replacement parts where in other countries, customers brand new devices. While Cook says in his letter that Apple saw a 90% satisfaction rate with their repair services in China, they have decided to go in this direction because many felt that a good number of repairs effectively turned older devices into new ones, without the benefit of a completely new device. Apple is also working with authorized service providers to ensure that they follow these new policies as well.

Source: Apple.com.cn, via 9to5Mac