In a recent meeting between tech executives and U.S. government officials over potential counterterrorism approaches and encryption, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly held firm in his stance against proposals for so-called "backdoors" from FBI director James Comey and other officials. As reported by The Intercept:

Apple CEO Tim Cook lashed out at the high-level delegation of Obama administration officials who came calling on tech leaders in San Jose last week, criticizing the White House for a lack of leadership and asking the administration to issue a strong public statement defending the use of unbreakable encryption.

The meeting, which included representatives from several other tech giants in addition to Apple, including Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google, was set up by White House officials in order to discuss ways to counter the online recruitment efforts of ISIS. As The Intercept reports, government officials were interested in whether they could find common ground with Silicon Valley firms over encryption and explore technologies that could make it more difficult for terrorists to operate online.

Tech companies have been under mounting pressure to cooperate with governments in the face terrorist threats in recent years, and encryption has become an increasingly contentious part of that debate. Many officials have called on companies such as Apple to soften their stances on encryption and allow government agencies to have easier access to messages sent between suspects.

Source: The Intercept