Tim Cook: Current Android tablets bizarre, future tablets still vapor, Apple very confident

During the Apple Q1 2011 conference call today, Apple COO Tim Cook was asked about iPad competitors and remarked that current Android tablets were "bizarre products" and future ones were still "vapor".

He based his comments on current tablets like the Galaxy Tab running a version of Android that Google itself says was not meant for tablets. Thus they have small screens and phone experience, which Apple thinks is a "bizarre product". When compared side-by-side, Cook thinks a huge percentage of users will select iPad.

When it comes to future Android tablets, like those announced at CES running Android 3.0 Honeycomb, he doesn't know. They aren't shipping yet, lack specs and pricing, and as of today they're still vapor. He'll assess again when they ship.

He emphasized that Apple isn't standing still, however, and has a first mover advantage, incredible user experience, as well as iTunes, App Store, and the Apple ecosystem.

Cook said Apple is very confident entering a tablet fight with anyone.

UPDATE: As a follow up, Cook said that they believe Apple's integrated approach provides a better user experience than Android's fragmented approach. Even Android app stores are becoming fragmented and users will be "pulling their hair out" trying to figure out where to update their apps. Repeating Steve Jobs from the last call, Cook said

We know iPad 2 is coming (the rumors won't stop!) but we know RIM's BlackBerry Playbook, Android 3.0 tablets, and PalmPads are all coming. What do you think? Is Apple confident or over confident?