Tim Cook gets profiled

A new profile of Apple CEO Tim Cook includes a few interesting bits on how he manages Apple. While he is known as a calm, methodical leader, one who operates perhaps less on gut and more on numbers, he also has a decisive streak. For instance, the reorganization of Apple's leadership last fall was a decisive move by Cook. Disney CEO and Apple board member Bob Iger told Reuters:

"The vision that Tim had to involve Jony and to essentially connect two very, very important Apple initiatives or areas of focus - that was a big decision on Tim's part and he made it independently and very, very resolutely," said Bob Iger, CEO of Walt Disney Co. and an Apple director.

Cook is also said to have acted quickly after the launch of iOS 6, when many users complained about the quality of Apple's new Maps application. Cook went around then-iOS head Scott Forstall, in charge of Maps at the time, to Eddy Cue, SVP of Internet Software and Services to get to work on fixing the problem.

One thing that the past couple of years have made clear is that Tim Cook is his own man. He's not Steve Jobs, and isn't trying to be. And he's certainly changed Apple. More than any product launch, changing the internal structure of the company may just be Cook's enduring legacy. Where before, Apple was divided into semi-independent branches, the company now functions as a cohesive unit, with one group for software and one for hardware, all wrapped in the designs of Jony Ive. With new products on their way, both for this fall and through 2014, we may know sooner rather than later what Tim Cook's Apple is fully capable of.

As to the rest of the piece, it's a little whacky, so ignore the commentary and focus instead on the comments and quotes. Data driven indeed.

Source: Reuters