Apple CEO Tim Cook used his Twitter feed today to show himself touring the Mac Pro factory in Austin, Texas Thursday. The post was an effort to promote the company's decision to start bringing more electronic product manufacturing to the U.S.

In his Twitter post, Cook wrote:

Watching the Mac Pro come together in Austin yesterday,thanks to a team loaded with American manufacturing expertise.

The image itself shows Cook looking over the shoulder of one of the people working on the Mac Pro assembly line. We are sure that guy didn't feel any pressure at all with the CEO of the company looking over his work.

Cook's Twitter message comes just a few days after Motorola Mobility announced it would shut down its Moto X smartphone plant in Fort Worth, Texas by the end of the year.

What do you think about Apple's decision to assemble the Mac Pro in Austin and should the company make more of its Mac products in the US?

Source: @tim_cook