In a new interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted strongly that the company will be releasing more technology and products to help monitor a person's health.

Tim Cook

Bloomberg reports:

If you drive for a while and your car gets too hot, it says pull over. If you need an oil change, it says check your oil. What's the equivalent for the body?" Cook said Tuesday in Amsterdam at a conference. "We believe health is a huge issue around the world and we think it's ripe for simplicity and a new view."

Cook added that while the Apple Watch will help in monitoring a person's health, it will likely take more than one device:

"The holy grail of the watch is being able to monitor more and more of what's going on in your body," Cook said. "If you could have a device that knew so much about you, it would be incredible, and would extend life and extend quality. I'm not saying one device will do all of that."