Tim Cook reportedly uses Town Hall meeting to address Android, Wall Street, and more

CEO Tim Cook reportedly held an all-hands Town Hall meeting last week to address the state of the Apple with employees. Subjects covered were said to include employee perks, production from supply chain to sales, the retail stores, the competitive landscape with Google's Android, and opportunities in China. 9to5Mac's ace reported, Mark Gurman, has a full rundown. Here's a highlight from the competitive part:

Cook discussed iOS’s integrated, reliable experience versus Android’s fragmentation with a plethora of devices. [..] Cook also noted that Android is about marketshare with its range of devices and low pricing, while iPhone and iPad products are about experience, top hardware and software quality, and, most importantly, actual usage by customers.

No phone hardware, software, or service is perfect. Android's choice of devices is a huge selling point for some, a huge pain point for others. Google's been iterating Android at a fairly brisk pace and while things iOS users don't like about it, including how interface works, are still issues, it's not safe to assume that'll always be the case.

That's why Apple's strategy for beating Android can't rely on poor user experience from Google. It has to rely on better software and services from Apple. Otherwise it's outside Apple's control. Based on how much passion Cook expresses when he discusses everything from the stairs at an Apple Store to the unibody on MacBook to the way they build the iPad mini, he knows that better than anyone. They just have to continually execute on it.

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Source: 9to5Mac