tim cook

The first part of a two part interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook on The Charlie Rose Show was broadcast by PBS Friday night (part two airs on Monday) and Cook revealed in the chat that Apple is working on future projects that so far haven't been leaked to the media.

While the full video interview has yet to appear online, ZDNet got a transcript of the chat between Cook and Rose, with Cook stating:

There are products that we're working on that no one knows about, yes. That haven't been rumored about yet. Yes. And part of some of those are going to come out and be blow-away, probably. And some of those we'll probably decide, 'You know, that one we're going to stop.' And so, we kick around a lot of things internally. And we might start something and get down the road a little bit, and have a different idea.

Cook also talked about a number of other subjects, including his opinion that Google is Apple's top competitor. He also stated that while larger iPhone models like the just announced iPhone 6 models could have been released earlier, he added the real reason why we have had to wait, saying, "It's been making — it's been about making a better phone in every single way."

Did you catch part one of Rose's chat with Cook and if so what were your impressions?

Source: ZDNet