Tim Cook talks Apple investments in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat down for an interview to discuss the company's continuing investments in China. Cook noted that while many companies simply want access to the country's market, Apple is in it for the long haul, having created around five million jobs in China so far. He also talked about Apple's investment in Did Chuxing, a Chinese taxi and private car service into which Apple invested $1 billion last year.

From Caixin:

"We've never invested in a developer before, and yet we met Didi, and Didi was so impressive. One, we thought their management was so great, we thought their idea was great," Cook said. "And we liked the holistic view, they were doing everything from taxi to the more-traditional private-car thing. There was a strategic alignment. They needed some funds to continue to grow. We really want them to be successful and be global."

Apple certainly has poured a great deal of time, money, and effort into China, with the vast majority of the company's products being manufactured there. In addition to manufacturing, Apple will also be housing more of its research and development efforts in China, recently announcing two new R&D facilities bound for the cities of Shanghai and Suzhou. The company also has two such facilities in China at the moment.