Tim Cook talks bigger iPhones, new product categories in new interview

Tim Cook recently sat down for an interview with the Wall Street Journal, speaking on a range of topics, from a big screen iPhone to Apple entering new product categories. When it comes to making an iPhone with a larger screen, Cook says that while Apple won't say no to a larger screen on the iPhone, they also won't rush it out, needing to wait until all of the technology is right to get the display quality they desire. On the topic of new product categories, Cook reiterated that new types of products are on thier way, and that Apple won't stretch itself too thin. From the Wall Street Journal:

We don’t believe we can do things at the level of quality and link things as we want to between hardware, software and services so seamlessly if we do a lot of stuff. So we’re going to stick with our knitting with only doing a few things and doing them great. There will be new categories and we’re working on some great stuff. We’re not ready to talk about it. We’re really working on some really great stuff. I think no one reasonable would say they’re not a new category.

Tim Cook has been talking about new product categories for a while now. Do you think that we'll see Apple enter a new product category this year, and what do you think it will be? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Wall Street Journal