The interview with Cook hit on many topics, including the importance of privacy. He talked about the security and privacy of Apple Pay, which has yet to launch in Germany. He also spoke about the need to keep communications private, according to BILD (translated from German):

"I feel very close to the Germans because they share my views on privacy. We do not read your e-mails, we do not read your text messages - and we find it unacceptable if someone does that."

Cook also spoke about the Apple Watch, giving examples as to how he uses it in his daily life:

"I wear the stainless steel watch and that's the white sports armband," he says, and pulls the sleeve of his shirt up. "I wear the watch all day when I'm at the gym, at work and at home." He takes them only at night from the office.

He even touched briefly on the rumors of an Apple Car, saying that he has seen the reports, and is unable to comment.

Finally, Cook spoke about things that he'd learned from the late Steve Jobs:

You'll probably never read in any book, because people focus on other parts of his personality. He taught me that the journey is the destination. That the target is not a single presentation, the delivery of a product or an award. It is the path itself. "

Source: BILD (paywall)