Tim Cook's segment on ABC news aired last night. Ostensibly about the 30th birthday of the Mac, most of the time was spent on more sensational (and serious) subjects:

  • Cook confirmed Apple's Arizona investment in sapphire glass, currently only used to protect iSight camera lenses and Touch ID sensors, but rumored to become something more.
  • Cook dodged questions about an iWatch and bigger iPhone 6, of course, and instead joked about a ring.
  • Cook wants more transparency when it comes to federal surveillance but says Apple has a gag order on it, so they can't reveal what they'd like to.
  • Cook denied that the NSA had access to Apple servers, and said they'd have to cart them out in boxes to get that.

While ABC had to ask the questions, no reporter on earth would or should expect Apple product announcements, or even teases, during an interview. As for the government surveillance stuff, this is the strongest, most direct language I've yet seen from a technology executive. Again, I have absolutely no doubt that Cook and others at Apple find invasions into customer data beyond offensive. The more strongly they deny it, the worse it will be if any complicity is ever discovered, which is, sadly, about as reassured as we can be these days.

Check out the interview and let me know — how do you think Cook and Co. did?