Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat down for a new interview with Fortune, during which he spoke on a number of topics related to Apple. He discussed about the company's most recent quarter, and the criticism the company received from Wall Street. Cook talked about how he handled that criticism, which came even after Apple posted a record quarter.

From Fortune:

I'm good at blocking out the noise. I come back to, Are we doing the right things? Are we remembering our North Star? Are we focused on making the best products that really help people enrich their lives in some way? And we're doing all those things. People really love our products. Customers are happy. And that's what drives us. Over time I'm sure that everything else will catch up.

The conversation also touched a bit on Apple's rumored car project, though Cook, naturally, addressed it in the broadest terms possible.

The great thing about being here is we're curious people. We explore technologies, and we explore products. And we're always thinking about ways that Apple can make great products that people love, that help them in some way. And we don't go into very many categories, as you know. We edit very much. We talk about a lot of things and do fewer. We debate many things and do a lot fewer.

The conversation also hit on intellectual property development, Apple Campus 2, and Apple Pay. You can check out the whole interview over at Fortune.

Source: Fortune