Back in Time is a new iPad app that tells the story of the universe. Now you can explore the past through photos, animations and videos.

An imaginary clock will guide you through this quest, proposing a simple analogy: the whole Universe started 24 hours ago.

The Big Bang, source of Time and Space, is the first event in our journey – the clock marks 0:00 hours. Today, 13.7 billion years later, the clock marks midnight. In between, a sequence of key events that brought us where we are today. Explore them, place them in perspective, see how they relate, understand the consequences, and wonder what if…

This is what Back in Time is all about.

  • Made especially for iPad;
  • Over 300 remarkable images;
  • 60+ amazing animations and videos;
  • 40+ illustrative timelines;
  • More than 200 little-known interesting facts;
  • Music by the renowned compositor Rodrigo Leão;
  • Developed for 5 languages (English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese)
  • No Internet connection required.

Back in Time is available on the iPad for $7.99.

[App Store link]

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