Time Magazine names Steve Jobs as one of the 20 most influential Americans of all time

Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs has been named as one of the 20 most influential Americans of all time. The acknowledgement comes from Time which named its top 20 “trailblazers, visionaries and cultural ambassadors who defined a nation.”

His business career started where all the best Silicon Valley stories begin: with two pals fiddling with computers in a garage. While IBM and other large firms were creating huge mainframe machines, Jobs and his software-genius partner, Steve Wozniak, cooked up the first small personal computer, the Apple II. Then, thanks to a visit to Xerox’s local research lab, Jobs got a glimpse of the future: a computer with a graphical design interface, operated by a mouse. Inspired, he drove his Apple team to create a giant stride forward in digital design, the Macintosh computer.

To put this into perspective, some of the other people included in the top 20 list of most influential Americans of all time are Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander G Bell and the Wright Brothers.

It seems quite appropriate that Alexander G Bell is included in the list alongside Steve Jobs. Alexander G Bell invented the first telephone device way back in 1876 and we all know how Steve Jobs changed the face of cell phones and smartphones with the release of the first iPhone back in 2007.

The recognition is richly deserved.

Source: Time