Time Warner Cable issued a press release today announcing they have filed a request for declaratory judgement related to its recent TWCable TV app debacle, which forced them to remove a number of channels from the iPad app last week.

We’re at an impasse with a handful of network owners, and we need an impartial third party to referee the situation and confirm that our interpretation is correct. We thought the most efficient way to settle this would be to go before a judge and ask for a decision that, while noncombative, would establish the rights that we bargained for.

TWCable is attempting to take a non-aggressive approach to the matter by requesting a judge step in and make a fair decision based on the facts. They believe they're well within their rights to stream content from Viacom (and other content owners) to an iPad located within the viewer's home under current agreements.

Viacom, on the other hand, isn't taking things lightly and has fired back with some pretty strong language, stating that Time Warner "blatantly grabbed the rights that their competitors have negotiated in good faith to obtain" and has now filed a lawsuit against the cable provider.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out given the gaping differences between new media and old media these days, but we're hoping a judge declares Time Warner Cable is in the right, don't you? Sound off in the comments below!

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