Your humble community manager here with a quick update on Timyo, the email app that our forum members helped beta test. It looks like a keen-eyed "product hunter" found out about it while it was still in beta and now Timyo is up on Product Hunt.

If you're not familiar with Product Hunt, it's a place where people go to get attention and engagement for new ideas. They say all attention is good attention, but with the app still in beta, we thought we'd give them some love and support, just to make sure all our efforts get the recognition it deserves.

Timyo has been incredibly supportive of our community members, and they're trying to solve a problem many of us here at iMore and Mobile Nations experience every day — making email more effective. So, whether you beta-tested Timyo with us, or you simply think the idea is cool, I'm sure they'd appreciate your support!

We're also kind of curious — do you find Product Hunt useful? Let me know in the comments!

See Timyo on Product Hunt