TiPb loves answering your emails, but we also love sharing our answers with the community in hopes that more people will benefit, and even better answers will present themselves (hey, that's why we have them forums!). Today's question comes from Joephoto5:

My Bookmarks are listed in the order that I created them... Is there a way to resort them??? Is there a way to "group" them ... (ala: sites dedicated to "news", or sites dedicated to the "iPhone", or sites dedicated to "aviation" etc.) ???

TiPb answers after the jump!

On the iPhone, you can hit the "Edit" button in the bottom left corner to delete (red circles on the left) and re-order (stacked lines on the right) your bookmarks in Mobile Safari. Once in Edit mode, you can also create new folders. However, I don't believe you can move items into or out of folders on the iPhone itself.

Update: twokidtech in the comments below points out that, if you tap a link, it will open up a properties inspector which, aside from letting you change the display name and other attributes, will let you re-file your bookmarks. Thanks twokidtech!

However, if you sync your bookmarks with Safari (Mac/Windows) or IE (Windows), you can organize your bookmarks on the desktop however you want, and your next Sync should update your iPhone to reflect this. (MobileMe users can also have this happen automagically through over-the-air "push" sync).

Anyone have any bookmark organization tips for Joephoto5? Let us know!