TiPb loves answering your emails, but we also love sharing our answers with the community in hopes that more people will benefit, and even better answers will present themselves (hey, that's why we have them forums!). For today's debut TiPb Answers, reader Ryan asks:

I've installed some apps on my phone from itunes, one being facebook mobile. What concerns me is that once i've entered my user/pw the first time it is never required again and anyone who simply "slides" the phone unlocked will have full access. I assume this is true for email as well (although I haven't set that up yet.)

My question is, is there any way to passcode a particular icon on the iphone? Or put a security lock on it?

TiPB answers, after the jump...

Unfortunately, Ryan, there doesn't seem to be any facility to lock or password protect individual Apps on the iPhone (unless the individual App in question provides that on their own, like 1Password for example). Two options you may want to consider are:

  1. Enable the Passcode on the iPhone (Settings - General - Passcode Lock), so you have to input a 4 digit Pin in order to unlock the iPhone, and therefore launch any App or access your data.
  2. Use WebApps (website based applications) instead, which you log into via MobileSafari on your iPhone and typically won't store your credentials unless you check a box (and even then you can clear cookies to remove the login info). In some cases, like Facebook, the WebApp is arguably even better than the native App as well.

Security and convenience are eternal enemies. The iPhone currently defaults more towards convenience.

Anyone have any other options for Ryan?