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Live from GDC 2010 Rene talks to Tezuka-san, Street Fighter IV [$9.99 - iTunes link] iPhone producer for Capcom (via translator) about making Street Fighter for the iPhone and iPod touch, getting the controls right, and whether or not we might see Street Fighter for the iPad.

Tezuka-san points out how Capcom decided to make the controls very customizable, allowing users to choose whether they want the button low down, in the middle, or high up, and set the level of transparency. This means you can hold the iPhone or iPod touch anyway you like and set up the controls just the way you like.

I had a chance to play it just before release and while I got my butt kicked in multiplayer, the game looked gorgeous and handled very well. I could pull off what few moves I remembered from my childhood in the arcade, and I could resort to button (er... screen) mashing when all else failed. (Yes, just like my childhood in the arcade.)

For the iPad, they're going to sit down and figure out how the controls work and what the experience is like on that screen with that form factor. If it makes sense, they'll do it. If not, there are other Capcom games that certainly might. It's all about the quality of the end product for them.

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