TiPb Asks: What should Apple add next to Siri?

This week on iPhone Live we discussed rumors of new Siri functionality coming in iOS 5.1 and what we'd like to see. Seth wanted easy access to settings -- "Siri, turn off bluetooth" "Siri, turn on Wi-Fi". Rene wanted the current services evened out -- "Siri, read email" "Siri, send tweet". I want the ability to launch App Store apps, but what about you?

TiPb Nation, what great new Siri features are you hoping for? Facial detection so you could say "Siri, show me the last two photos of Leanna"? Document integration so you could say "Siri, find me that PowerPoint from Chris"? Nike+ hooks so Siri could say "You have not gotten up off your butt to exercise yet today, no Angry Birds for you!" Or just "Siri, aGive us your Siri wish list!